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Announcements 21 February 2013

Kawai Unveils VPC1 Virtual Piano Controller Featuring Ivory II Touch Curve

Kawai has recently announced the VPC1, a brand new piano-oriented MIDI controller developed especially for use with virtual piano software.

This professional controller is equipped with Kawai's sophisticated wooden-key keyboard action, featuring grade-weighted hammers, ivory-like key surfaces, and let-off simulation. In addition, the VPC1 also includes a triple pedal unit, detachable music rest, and editor software.

Announcements 11 October 2012

Ivory II American Concert D Nominated For The TEC Award

For the 2nd straight year, Synthogy has been nominated for the industry's prestigious TEC Award. This time it's Ivory II American Concert D in the category of Musical Instrument Technology (Software). The TEC Awards are given to nominees in 20 categories for Outstanding Technical Achievement. Voting begins in the month of November, and the winners will be announced and presented at the 2012 Winter NAMM Show.

Artist Spotlight 20 April 2015

Michael Bearden

There are few artists who are as sought after as Michael Bearden. Then again, few artists can lay claim to the kind of credentials that he has compiled. Michael's career has been a perpetual journey through the upper echelon of the entertainment industry. His star-studded achievements as musical director, producer, composer/arranger, and keyboardist to the biggest names in the business have played themselves out on the biggest stages. Along the way, he has continually distinguished himself through his professionalism, developed a reputation of excellence, and earned the admiration and respect of the industry's biggest icons.