What's New: Ivory II and Ivory 3 - Feature Comparison

Discover the new and enhanced features that set Ivory 3 apart from its predecessor, Ivory II. Uncover a world of innovation, including groundbreaking advancements in sound quality, responsiveness, and realism. Experience the meticulous attention to detail that makes Ivory 3 an unparalleled virtual piano experience.

From High-Resolution Velocity-to-Timbre and Multiple Mic Positions to Enhanced Harmonic Resonance and the On-Board Mix Desk, Ivory 3 offers a host of new features that will captivate and inspire you. Delve into the nuanced tones and lifelike dynamics that Ivory 3 brings to your fingertips.

Learn more below: 

Ivory 3 Features
  • Enhanced Authenticity and Realism: Advanced modeling techniques capture the intricacies of a real acoustic piano, delivering an unmatched level of realism. 
  • Multiple Mic Positions: Experience the depth of sound and uncanny sense of dimension possible with Ivory 3’s multiple mics and powerful on-board Mix Desk.  Create the acoustic space you want!
  • Innovative Features for Unparalleled Expression: Discover the groundbreaking features that Ivory 3’s RGB engine brings to the table. Ivory 3’s High-Resolution Velocity-to-Timbre empowers you to express your musicality with unmatched color and nuance. 
  • Streamlined Integration: Ivory 3 seamlessly integrates into your music production setup and is fully backwards compatible with all Ivory II piano libraries, making it easier than ever to bring your musical ideas to life. 
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