Synthogy Introduces Ivory 3, The Future Of Virtual Piano Instruments With Unparalleled Technology

Ivory 3 brings together the realism of digital sampling and the expressivity of modeling

Synthogy, an audio software company producing the world's most acclaimed and award-winning Piano Virtual Instruments, today officially announced the launch of Ivory 3 which is everything pianists have been waiting for.

Ivory 3 German D is the only virtual piano instrument that brings together the realism of digital sampling and the expressivity of modeling. Powered by the RGB engine, Ivory 3 brings to the forefront an unparalleled technology new to the world of Virtual Instruments.

With the groundbreaking ability to have unlimited degrees of velocity to timbre with the rich and realistic sound of real-world recorded acoustic instruments,Ivory 3 provides a host of additional new features, is easy to use, and is 100% backward compatible with Ivory II. The platform is designed to give pianists and artists at all levels the ability to create. It profoundly enhances playability, expression and overall musical experience.

Synthogy’s Founder & CEO Joe Ierardi said: The Ivory 3 platform is truly a breakthrough for us and the industry. It's the realization of everything we've been working towards for years. Synthogy is very pleased to put this kind of musical expression and power in the hands of our users.

With excitement already spreading across the music industry, Musical Director & Keyboardist for Billy Joel, David Rosenthal, a long time Synthogy user and enthusiast said: “Ivory 3 is the most expressive and realistic sounding piano I’ve ever played. With the new Continuous Velocity, Ivory 3 has the smoothest velocity to timbre response of any piano sample available, period. In a world full of piano samples, Ivory still stands alone”

Ivory 3 German D is now available for sale.

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Synthogy, a product leader in Virtual Instrument Technology, is an audio software company producing the world's most acclaimed and award-winning Piano Virtual Instruments. With each iteration of their products, Synthogy continues to push the envelope with their innovative products and technology in the virtual instrument market.

Synthogy is best-known for its industry-leading Ivory II-Grand Pianos, the Award-Winning flagship product, critically acclaimed as the "Platinum Standard" for Virtual Pianos. Synthogy prioritizes their customers over all else, and their customer loyalty speaks for itself. With breathtaking sound and realism, Synthogy pianos have achieved a level of sonic accuracy where they are instantly recognized for their unmistakable signature sound.

More about Ivory 3 German D

At the heart of Ivory 3 German D is an all new recording of a Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand Piano. An exceptional concert instrument, this majestic D-274 is characterized by its powerful, deep, resonant bass, and the round, singing tone of its treble.Meticulously cared for by master concert technician Michel Pedneau, the instrument is also distinguished by its unmistakable clarity and a highly refined balance of tone throughout all registers, a classic example of the beautiful and indelible Steinway® sound.

This extraordinary Hamburg D has known only one home, the magnificent, acoustically perfect, Le Domaine Forget de Charlevoix Concert Hall in St. Irenee, Quebec, where it was recorded for Ivory 3. Reunited for the recording sessions were technician Michel Pedneau, recording engineer Mark Donahue of Soundmirror, and performer/producer Joe Ierardi, the same team that produced the legendary Ivory II American Concert D. Together they poured their years of expertise and experience into capturing every detail of this brilliant concert grand in multiple microphone perspectives. The end result is a stunning example of this remarkable German Steinway D captured in its prime, and now brought to life here in the Ivory 3 engine.

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